Shake it, break it, make it bounce

Perhaps cutting my hair with kitchen scissors wasn’t the best idea, and maybe, just maybe I should give it a wee treatment once in a while. Just you know, so it doesn’t die. I don’t think I’m ever more painfully aware of how terribly I treat my hair till I’m sitting in a hairdresser with someone tackling my mane with a tangle teaser. Yup, my locks manage to even give the holy grail of hairbrushes a run for their money.  And I wonder why it doesn’t do what I tell it to?

#BLOW is basically what my hair has been screaming out for. It’s a colour and  blow dry concept salon that wants to make hairdressing feel social again. We’re talking mimosas, a blow bar where you can natter with your friends and a place that’s all about experimenting. Think Bleach comes to Glasgow. 

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scottish fashion blogger

scottish fashion blogger

First and foremost their forte is colour, performing gorgeous hair transformations. Add in the best baylage you’re going to get in Scotland, hair stencils and some of the most gorgeous smelling treatments ever and you’ve got my new favourite salon.

For me though, it was about injecting some serious life back in to my hair and I was recommended a signature chocolate smoothie mask. Using products from Milkshake, they mixed up this beautiful conditioning treatment with a smell and texture not a million miles away from brownie batter. Little did I now this is exactly what my hair had been crying out for.

As well as a couple of inches and some long layers sliced in to actually give my hair shape other than just “long” I was treated to a brush brow dry, which was exactly as bizarre as it sounds. The experience is not entirely unpleasant, but there is something oddly surreal about sitting with a salons worth of brushes in your hair. This however was the secret to making my thick and until recently, lifeless hair, bounce.

Other than my hair smelling flat out amazing, the colour felt more even and everything just looked healthier.  Felt amazing to finally have mermaid locks. And while a full curl still won’t hold in my hair, it has given it so much more texture and life and all the other good hairdressing terms.

I’ve never really had big bouncy locks before, but there’s something intensely satisfying about feeling your hair bob along as you do. What about you, are you ready to blow?


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