We Crave: Garden Parties, Fashion Shows and Cat Bags

From a sun drenched garden party to a misty fashion show on a rooftop, Thursday was certainly a day of extremes. The Commonwealth Games is in full swing, the weather is nothing short of stunning and the city is completely buzzing. So there was something quite surreal about having a high tea in the heart of the city centre before heading to Edinburgh for the launch of Crave and the closing of EIFF.

bee waits for no one

Dress – USC*
Shoes – Topshop
Necklace – Georgia Wiseman

Just as a cheeky wee heads up guys, this little sheer midi dress number of dreams? £6. USC. I’ll give you a moment for that fully to sink in.  Other than fitting like a god damn glove and being pretty much the perfect length, it has the added bonus of being skanky cheap. USC may not be one of my usual haunts but I’ve found some crackers in there over the years, and their own line UNCUT is perfect. So much black.So much sheer. So many boxes ticked. Paired with these sale shoes from Toppers I felt like a right lady (which pretty much happens never.) I’m not usually one for really polished looks, but it’s sometimes nice to go for some uber femme, that I feel not too shabby in and would get a firm nod of approval from the Grandmum. In truth though I really just needed something that could take me from afternoon tea to a fashion show in a car park.


tea party

John Lewis is one of the Commonwealth sponsors so to celebrate have launched a pop up in the city centre of Glasgow. There’s something utterly bizarre and terribly pleasant at the same time about sipping peppermint tea with busses flying pass. The #JLTeaontheGreen takes you right out the city with it’s luscious spread of afternoon tea treats, comfy chairs and a massive screen to watch the games on. With something quite as magical as this you’d expect this unusual dining experience to cost a pretty penny. Wrong. Completely free courtesy of the good folk at John Lewis. Belter. I’m dying to try book another slot and take the boy here before it leaves.

After eating our fill it was time to grab the train to Edinburgh for the official launch of Crave magazine (which you guys have all been reading obviously)  and the closing of Edinburgh International Fashion Festival. It was the polar opposite to our sunny afternoon tea, set against thick fog in a car park outside Edinburgh’s city centre. Crave have teamed up with some of their favourite designers – Saunt & Sinner, Jacob Birge (winner of Poland’s project runway!) and Obscure Couture  to create exclusive luxury collections to be sold on the site. While I love love love both Birge and Saunt & Sinner I was blown away by the Obscure’s latest collection.  Yes, of course I want a fully embellished body suit. Yes of course I want a silk floral jumpsuit with gold accents. Of course I do.  Seriously guys, I AM IN LOVE.

It was a pretty splendid way to end the week, surrounded by some of my favourite people in some of my favourite places. I’m adoring what Crave are doing and can’t quite get over their gorgeous editorials (and can’t wait to see the snaps of the designers collections.)
So what do you Crave?


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