Karen Mabon: I Wish It Would Never End

It should come as no suprise to anyone that I’m obsessed with Scottish designer Karen Mabon. After completely falling in love with her work way back when she was still Red Brick Scarves, my love for Mabon is an enduring love affair. With a growing collection of her scarves (to the point I’ve actually lost count) as well as one of her dresses with Coco Fennell, I pretty much felt my bank balance wince when I heard she was dropping a new collection. Not only that – but it was inspired by retro Americana seen through the eyes of a teenage girl. So yeah, if poodles, bunny pez dispensers and vegas show girls wasn’t enough, she’s also teamed up with House of Fraser to launch a limited edition Glasgow scarf to celebrate the Commonwealth games. That’s cool. I didn’t like eating anyway.

karen mabon glasgow scarf

karen mabon vegas scarf

karen mabon bedroom floor scarf

karen mabon poodle scarf

karen mabon poodle scar

What I love about her designs is how no matter what, I always find a new detail to fall in love with. It could be as simple as a polka dot shoe lace to a gaggle of Elvis impersonators. There’s no doubt about it, her scarves are art.  Straight up art. I don’t get a chance to wear all my Karen scarves but I just owning them because they are so unbelievably beautiful and make me incredibly happy. I’m dying to get some frames to decorate the house with them (imagine, a room filled with scarves.) I don’t think there are really words for how much I adore Karen’s work, or indeed her new collection. Looking at the bedroom floor scarf was gorgeously bitter sweet as it’s nailed that delicate balance between childhood and becoming a teenager. Lipsticks littered next to crayons and Barbie dolls evoke a strong sense of nostalgia. And that’s what is so great about Karen. She captures a moment, a story and a feeling. It’s hard not to have a reaction to her work as it is so immersive. From the pool party to the bull in the china shop, she never fails to create a completely cohesive and enveloping narrative.

While I’m loving the poodles and the ostrich motif (and of course the Vegas scarf, how can I be expected to pick a favourite) I do have to say I have a soft spot for the limited edition Glasgow scarf. With only 150 made of course I needed to nail myself some limited edition Karen Mabon. It’s got all my favourite Glasgow landmarks and a few extra touches (the fish who never swam, the bell that never rang…..) as well as Irn Bru and ballet dancers. It’s just so Glasgow and it’s beautiful. I’ve snapped a photo of it and everyone in my family is after one. To wear, for the wall, I’ve got no idea but they seem to love it as much as I do.It’s not available online (unlike the rest of her collection) but if you find yourself in House of Fraser Glasgow I suggest picking up one of these babies for £55 before they sell out.

I can’t wait to save up for my next Karen (I pretty much want everything she’s ever made) so just need to make sure my bank balance can catch up! Have you got a favourite?


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