Gin and Scallops

I don’t do it often but it’s been known to happen. Never really planned and never fully realised till I leave the house, but that slow creeping feeling that something’s not quite right.  I’m not someone who wears one shop head to toe but between living in a hotel, Betty and I’s live tv debut and an evening at gin club kicking off the week, I found myself waving that Topshop flag pretty high.

I’ve been staying in a pretty small hotel room while my bathroom’s getting fixed and after the initial novelty of unlimited tea and coffee making facilities and daily fresh towels wore off I found myself climbing up some figurative fashion walls.

Top, Trousers and Jacket – Topshop
Belt and Shoes – Primark
Glasses – Pretavoir
Bag – Lulu Guinness

It really was a case of, what looks smart, what looks clean and what’s going to get me from place to place quickly without me feeling flustered. Also I’ve been dying for an opportunity to wear these scalloped trousers since I picked them up in the sale.  Other than that just went for something loose, smart and pretty much pain free. The whole live tv thing was no where near horrific as I imagined (if you’re curious, you can watch Sheri and I chat Commonwealth Uniforms on the Riverside Show here) and was really over in such a blur.

To finish off the day it was off to the Glasgow Gin Club in their latest pop up in a hairdressers tucked away in Finneston.  I’d heard incredible things about their inaugural gin club meeting at the Hidden Lane Tea Room so was super excited to make it down to their next pop up. Two words sold me. Coriander gin. 

We were trying No3 gin for the evening which is a London Dry gin, made all by one guy. The recipes pretty simple with it’s 6 basic ingredients including cardomom, pink grapefruit and of course corriander. I’ve never really been one to experiment with my gins. A slice of lime/cucumber/strawberry and a dash of slimline and I’m usually good to go. Never in a million years would have I thought to serve it up with coriander and lemongrass, which is the only way I ever really want to drink gin again truth be told.

I’d never been to a gin tasting and I had all the questions. What makes a gin a London Dry and how does a pot still actually work?  Of course we had questions about how best to serve it. While No3 is designed or the perfect dry martini it goes super well with raspberries or if looking for something different, pink grapefruit. This was of course before the whole coriander revelation.

Glasgow Gin Club pops up around Glasgow once a month, a different gin and different locations. They return to the Hidden Lane Tea Room this August so if you’re a gin connoisseur or just someone who likes a tipple and wants to learn more make sure to pop along!


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