Go Blow Me: MB Hair launches Glasgow’s first in salon Blo Bar

Glasgow has pretty much been gasping for one of these guys for ages. London has already got it down, with the Topshop Oxford Circus with their own blow bar next to Bleach which as central as it comes.  We’ve been needing somewhere to get our hair did in a stitch forever, and let’s face it, my tried and tested technique of backcombing plus all the kirby gribs is wearing a bit stale.

So other than MB Hair moving to a new, larger salon – what the hell is a Blo Bar? The concept’s pretty simple. 6 hairstyles, 30 minutes and prices starting from £20 gets you ready for a night on the town. I spend ages doing my face, picking what I want to wear, but when it comes to my hair, well I have about….2? maybe 3 styles that I default to. Only one that I do well. So why do I neglect my head suit?   It’s wedding season after all (which means a higher proportion of tagged pictures on fb) so why not make sure your hair is all did?

 Get Knotted



 American Hustle

 Super Sleek

Vintage Glam

To prevent option paralysis you’ve got 6 looks to choose from. I’ve given the top knot a whirl (lasts for ages) and grunge (which has a slightly more Grecian feel) though I’m pretty desperate to give bonce and vintage glam a whirl. I love me some big hair (it’s full of secrets) and a cheeky excuse for a pampering. With Honey Pop’s wedding in a short couple of months I’ve got some cash money burning a hole in my pocket, and a need for some fancy hair, consider myself already booked in.

Have you ever given a Blo Bar a whirl? Will you be checking MB Hair?


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