Selfridges launch #thebeautyproject exploring new ideas and the future of beauty

“What do you see when you look in the mirror? Let’s state the obvious. I see myself”  Selfridge’s latest campaign #thebeautyproject launched recently with a short film, a campaign and a host of in-store and online events discussing the future of beauty and we define it. From everything to aging to the history of beauty and ugliness – Selfridges have a host of in-store discussions as well as live streamed events through Google+ exploring the nature of beauty and how we perceive it. I’m completely in love with the campaign which is focused less on a standardised societal definition of beauty and more towards the individual. Beauty not to fit in, but as a way of expressing your individuality.

I’m particularly interested in some of the talks on body modifications and tattoos and what can be considered as too far in creating a look. The thing is about beauty is that I feel it allows me to construct the way I want to present myself to the world. Because I have tattoos and blue hair I  know people will make assumptions about me as a person, on my abilities to work and feel free to make comments – usually along the lines of “Oh you must be so brave, I always wanted to do this but…” But what? There’s nothing brave about colouring your hair bright or piercings. We change the way we look all the time and for me, beauty products and motifications have always been part of me being able to take ownership of my self image. It’s not quite like lipstick which you can rub off but modifications have helped me build confidence in the way I look and take charge of something  that for so long I felt was out of my control. And that’s the heart of it. From nose jobs to eyelash extensions to flesh tunnels and piercings, beauty has become about shaping yourself and making yourself feel good. It’s not perfect by any means but looking at why we consume beauty and how it’s advancing.  I honestly can’t wait to watch some of these talks and even make it along to a few of the events if I can. I’m totally ready to hear an open and varied dialogue on shifting societal beauty standards and how they shape the individual.

I can’t recommend the short film “Change is Good” enough – cute, funny and inspiring. This has got to be one of my favourite campaigns I’ve seen in a while.

What’s your take on it?


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