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I truly think there is no purer fear than realising you’ve put something you love in the tumble dryer. I prayed pretty hard to the fashion gods after catching on my beloved UNIF dress was an hour in to a hot cycle in the dryer. I’ve lost too many good clothes thanks to clothes care apathy (I’m a firm believer a dry clean item only item can go on a hand wash and pretty much anything can get tumble dried. ANYTHING.)

blue hair

blue hair

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Glasses – Miu Miu at Pretavoir
Jacket – Topshop
Top – Primark
Dress – UNIF
Tutu – eBay
Tights – Marks & Spencer
Shoes – Doc Martens
Bag – Lulu Guinness

While it wasn’t completely destroyed however it was pretty obvious that it’s days of cover my bum were well and truly over. Rather than ditching my the wayside it was time to improvise. Luckily my black tutu (an utter steal on eBay) kept my modesty in tact and I was not completely opposed to a cheeky bit of layering. I’ve basically been trying to get out of the rut of jeans + t-shirt for the office as I end up getting in some horrible pit of hating all my clothes and all the things. In other words I’m just looking at approaching a more fun dress up attitude to my wardrobe. What’s the point of buying things that you love if you never wear them right?

Have you ever had any washing disasters?


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