That time Betty and I decided to start vlogging

I guess it’s been a long time coming. I’ve always been curious about vlogging (self confessed YouTube addict) so it was always going to happen sooner or later.  Armed with little more than our phones, a mini tripod and our trademark rapier wit, Betty (long time readers will know her as my fashion soul mate, BFF and business partner)  and I decided to throw ourselves full pelt in the world of vlogging. There’s loads that we want to cover from interviews with our favourite designers, trend reports and other general lols but to kick off we started with a classic Get To Know Me Tag. Other than concluding that we are the most Scottish sounding couple of BFF’s ever, we pretty much manage to cover all the major bases from favourite chidhood tv shows, Oprah, Lindsay Lohan and dream homes. It’s fun and a bit daft and we really enjoyed doing it so would love to know what you think!

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