Taps Aff, Legs OOT. Spring is here.

We still seem to be having that sliding scale of weather at the moment. From slightly warmer than your fridge to flirting with “Tapps Aff” temperatures it’s been a right good excuse to crack out the old Summer wardrobe. While I may be lacking in lots of brights, florals and pastels, for me a good rule of thumb has always been to ditch the tights and we’re straight up trans-seasonal.

Dress – Christopher Kane for Topshop
Hat – River Island
Jacket – Urban Outfitters
Socks – Topshop
Shoes – Sweedish Hasbeens (similar)
Bag – Charity Shop
Sunglasses – Oxydo Society

As part of my great clothes ban I’ve been having a right good dig in the back of my wardrobe, cracking out some proper wee treasures that don’t get enough love including this vanity case come handbag that holds everything and a wide brimmed hat I got in the River Island sales years ago and have worn maybe twice. Perfect pieces for goth in the sun. It’s been fab to be able to go through my wardrobe again and play around with different looks. I’m still having to stop myself from casually sauntering in to the shops and just picking up a wee “something something” but so far so good.

How have you been transitioning in to your Summer wardrobe?

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