London Fashion Week Street Style: Get The Look

London Fashion Week may feel like a distant memory what with our Miu Miu’s, Moschino’s and THAT Chanel show but I’m still feeling it’s impact now. And no, not the shows (though they were fantastic) and no, not the fashion week flu (which I’ve all but recovered from.) I’m talking about the street style. This is the story of how Bee Waits got her groove back.

Pre-LFW I was in a style rut. I was hiding out in skinny jeans, chunky jumpers and pretty much all the lipstick my face could manage. I have ALL the clothes yet I had no idea how the hell I was supposed to wear them. In short, I was a fashion husk. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s felt there style mojo has been all used up (I know, I know…the idea that anything like that could be “used up” is ridiculous) and it was really getting me down. Then London happened. I was excited about getting dressed again. I was excited to see what other people wore. In the end it was London that shook me out of my “buy sensible, blacks, greys and traditional cuts” brain space and right back in to “if you truly love it, buy it.” I was back in fashion fuck-it territory and it was GLORIOUS.

So in an ode to some of my fave fashionistas (and fashionistos) here’s a quick round up of some of my favourite looks from LFW and how to get the look.

london fashion week street style

 Zara Clutch:  I may or may not have bought this bag after seeing it at LFW. I’m not even sorry.

 Veiled Hat: Widely available on etsy etc though I feel I may need to make myself acquintance with the glue gun.

 Ombre all the things: I love this ombre skirt and shirt combo, and for recreating this beauty I’d fully recommend embracing some DIY.

 Round glasses. These bad boys are Oliver Peoples. You just can’t mess with a classic.

 Blue eyeliner: I’m all about coloured eyeliner and Urban Decay are a safe bet if looking to play around with some colours.

 Pink and red together is one of my all time favourite colour combos and by the looks of it, pink is still the hot colour for the season? Who knew? (Everybody. The answer is everybody.)

holographic bag

Holographic accents: This is the trend I hope never goes away. It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over. It’ll possibly never be over.

I don’t know about you but London left me pretty pumped. My bank card…..less so. Any fave trend s you’ve been creeping at?

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