5 Reasons to hit up Bold Souls: Off the Catwalk Summer Preview

Like any of you guys would need any more reasons to hit up the latest Bold Souls: Off the Catwalk event right?  Bold Souls is a god damn staple of Glasgow’s fashion scene with a constant rotation of pop up markets, introducing new designers in a super fun shoppable fashion event. I’m just about ready to fish my Summer goodies from the back of the wardrobe and this guy is the perfect way to get me in the mood for Spring. So let’s do it. 5 Reasons you need to hit up Bold Souls: Off the Catwalk.


1.From Catwalk to Closet

I love a fashion show as much as the next gal but who wants to wait a whole season to get your grubby little mits on the new designs? It’s one big massive fashion tease. See something on the catwalk you like. You can buy it. That night. Straight up from the designer. SERVE ME UP SOME OF THAT.

2. Buy straight from the designer

There’s something intensely satisfying about cutting out the middle man and buying straight from the designer. There’s nothing that really helps you get a feel for a brand than meeting the people behind it. 

3. Naromode

Being asked to pick a favourite Scottish designer is like being asked to pick your favourite child. It’s Sophie’s choice. My favourite NEW label however is Naromode. I managed to twist a few arms to acquire one of their scarves around Christmas time but I’m already itching for my next piece from the talented Glasgow based design duo. I hear there is a bee print t-shirt that practically has my name on it.

4. The other designers are pretty great too….

 Local favourite Chouchou returns with a new range of hoods, Danni McWilliams who I just adore, Vanilla Ink Alumni Scarlett Erskine, Scottish Fashion Award winner Joanne McGillivray, Ebba Gorring – the roll call for the fashion show and pop up market reads as a whos who of some favourite up and coming fashion talent. 

5. £10 a ticket but the markets free

If you’re wanting to get all up in the fashion show (dranks, mini burgers and goody bag so why wouldn’t you) you can still shop until you drop.  Time for that debit card to take a hammering! 

Bold Souls returns the 13th March to Hummingbird Bath Street with doors at 5.30 and fashion sho at 7.30.  With a limited run of 100 tickets for the fashion show it’s a case of buy now or sob forever. And by sob forever I mean fill that sadness pit with clothes. From Scottish designers. DONE.  Hopefully see you there!

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