Outfit: Lipstick and Skin

I always told myself I’d never wear white from head to toe. I live in Glasgow. It’s Winter. And black just goes with everything.

Of course that train of thought didn’t last and I promptly went and blew my proverbial load on all white clothes and her popular younger cousin silver metallics. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on with me but the path to a white wardrobe was proving to be quite the slippery slope. I mean what woman in her right mind thinks white trousers are ever a good idea? It’s like a set up to a bad joke.

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Glasses – Miu Miu c/o Pretavoir
Top – Neon Rose c/o House of Fraser
Necklace – H&M
Skirt – River Island
Shoes – New Look
Jacket – Charity Shop
Bag – Topshop

That said I’m a full on convert. I love how crisp and clean it looks and it feels like a natural alternative to just wearing black for days. I’m still having mixed feelings about my Neon Rose Top. I get the mesh  and the white leather look and I’m in to it, but I also found myself very very aware that there were my boobs. Right there. Treading that very fine line between looking fashion and just flat out indecent. A long silver pencil skirt however managed to save most of my modesty (and is a wardrobe favorite.)  Everything else is wardrobe forever items including by New Look shoes which have seen both many a dance floor and office space, my default jacket and finished off with a pair of Miu Miu frames which I’m hard pressed to take off. Ever.

Other than embracing white as a feasible life choice, for the first time in years (actually YEARS) I’m fully enjoying what my hair is doing. For years it was chopped, layered and fringed but after the first few days it never sat right or just tended to do it’s own thing. It still does that for the most part but the colour isn’t looking awful (a happy accident) it’s tangling a lot less (my only real answer hear is witch craft) and it’s finally sitting like hair that’s actually been “did” opposed to the tangled mass it usually defaults too. Please keep it up hair. You’re doing a spectacular job.

I don’t know about you but I think bringing white in to Spring could be something I’m okay with. Now I just need an excuse/occasion to crack out the white trousers.

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