LFW Outfit: Bee Waits Learns a Lesson About Shoes

“So how would you describe your look?” There’s a camera in my face and I’m not sure where to look before stuttering out something about “Um, goth sports luxe?” thinking that it sounds ABOUT right and masks quite craftily that I’m in £10.50 trainers after slicing up by feet the day before. It’s fine. The whole of the FROW are in flats this season so as far as they know I’m a seasoned pro.

london fashion week street style

london fashion week street style

london fashion week street style

london fashion week street style

Dress & Cape – Obscure Couture

Jacket – Lavin for H&M

Bag – Topshop

Shoes – Debenhams

Glasses – Miu Miu at Pretavoir

The second day was a mix of shows (popping quite freely between Freemasons and Somerset House) as well as deeking out the exhibitors. I may or may not have committed to dropping some obscene amount of money on a spectacular piece of millinery from William Chambers. After seeing some pretty spectacular accesorise I would always find myself looping round to say Hi to it. What a beautiful beautiful hat.  Also my favourite day for shows? HIYAS BELLE SAUVAGE.

The week’s been flying in and it’s back to Glasvegas for Betty and I tomorrow. We’re JUST about still in tact after the last few days (our bad for forgetting to pack the berocca, but still managing to bring 10 pairs of shoes.) I am however really excited about getting home to my kitty cat.

I don’t know about you but no one prepared me for how physically demanding LFW is! Can def see the appeal of just live streaming, but you just can’t beat the atmosphere!  Any of you been following LFW?

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