LFW Outfit: White Chalk

Pre-fashion week you’re filled with this real unbridled glee and optimism. You are going to wear all the clothes, see all the shows, go to all the parties – after all you can sleep when you’re dead right? It’s amazing what a few short days can do. Day 4 and my brain was basically focusing on 3 things – comfort, making notes and not falling asleep. The need for the later disappears pretty quickly as you throw yourself back in to it but I don’t think I’m making any small exaggeration when I tell you now, I am still recovering from Fashion Week.

pastel hair blogger

fashion blogger pastel hair

Jacket – Aymee Charlton
Bra – Agent Provoceteur
Glasses – Miu Miu at Pretavoir
Shirt – Zara
Trousers – Topshop
Bag – Biba
Shoes- Call it Spring at Debenhams
Bracelet – Jane Gowans

Today’s a day for shows (mostly from the screening room), networking (so many business cards, so many double aired kisses but slightly more high fives so this sits okay with me) and managing to sneak in the Isabella Blow exhibition and crying over THAT lobster hat.

Other than the shows (which there were many and which reviews will promptly follow) there is just this real energy about London. It’s pretty god damn inspiring. It was great being inspired by people who were as excited about fashion as you are, who share your enthusiasm and who also enjoy exaggerated hand waving because there just. Aren’t. Words. Seeing the shows was great, though truth be told I definitely enjoyed checking out the exhibitioners much more (sacrilege surely?)   Returning to life post fashion week has been an adjustment. I’m back on the berocca and spend more time at a laptop screen than behind a camera. It was a nice change of pace and was brilliant to meet so many passionate and inspired people who totally get it.

So eh, SS15, who’s in?

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