The Tale of the Kitty Cat Scarf: Introducing Aymee Charlton

Illustrator, photographer, fashion designer, cat enthusiast. Scottish designer and Gray’s graduate Aymee Charlton manages to juggle those hats effortlessly (you can juggle hats right?)

With an effortlessly clean and elegant style with subtle embellishments, Charlton’s designs have already won me over. There is one particular white midi coat that I’m dying to pack in my bag for London fashion week. And while I am ALL up in the quilted sleeves and sheer a-line dresses it was her cat scarves that really lured me in. What can I say? A lady loves a good print.

I love scarves. For me they are wearable art and a versatile canvas for designers to play with different patterns and colours and let’s face it, Scottish designers are nailing it with their scarves at the moment. I’ve got like 20? What I love so much about Charlton’s work isn’t only the fact it features my fave feline friends (I’ve come to terms I’m going to die and be eaten by my many many many cats) but the fact they flat out look like water colours. They are the kind of scarves that I don’t just want to wear on my person but want to have hanging on my wall. Seriously though how cute would these bad boys be as prints?

Eagerly anticipating her next collection, I’m just going to have to admire these bad boys from a far. At £50 starting though I suspect it won’t be long till I have one of these cuties added to my collection.

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