The Girl With The Most Cake: Glasgow’s Snuggle Muffin encourages us to #ditchthediet

I’ve learned a few things about myself this week. Terrible cake decorator. Fantastic cake eater. Okay the last one was a given, but it’s good to know where you skill set lies, am I right ladies?

Despite my best intentions (or hell maybe in spite of them) Snuggle Muffin has become my favourite wee hidey hole in Glasgow for anything sweet and after last night? Well I think it’s safe to say the diet is well and truly ditched.

Pictured: Scrummy goodies, Snuggle Muffin Cocktail, cake decorating goodies, beautiful blogger babes getting stuck in and smore bites.

I got a whole mess of delicious cakes from Snuggle Muffin for my birthday last year (and they are my defacto food pressie for last minute delicious gifts for my nearest and dearest) so an evening gorging (because that was what it was, no delicacies hear, I GORGED) on their delicious cakes and sandwiches seemed like a not-terrible way to spend a Wednesday night.

All the baked sweets are made in houses including goodies such as smore bites, pistashio and meringue cupcakes as well as a few tasty gluten free options, and the savoury goodies such as minted lamb foccacia and blue cheese and apple sandwiches are all sourced locally. With American style dining (think milkshakes, pancake stacks and waffles with bacon and lashings of syrup) Snuggle Muffin is a haven for those with a sweeter tooth.

What makes all this more impressive is the story of owner Julianne Grasekamp. The 21 year old (YUP) entreprenur started Snuggle Muffin by selling cupcakes out of her school locker at 17. Before long she was in student halls and taking orders for Wedding Cakes (remember student halls, picture this fresh hell and weep) and hand delivering cupcakes via Glasgow’s subway system (she has since got hr driving license.) Last year she opened Snuggle Muffin on George Street with her entire family pitching in to bring it together (all the paintings on the wall are the handiwork of her mum.) Now armed with a team of 8 members of staff she runs her coffee shop come catering company (specialising in dessert tables and cakes) from the heart of Glasgow. Me at 21? My head was right up my own arshe (or at least down a toilet after one too many jager bombs.) It’s amazing what she’s done and Snuggle Muffin is fast becoming a local favourite of local businesses and students alike.

I’m already booked in for my next visit (I’m taking my sisterling for the afternoon tea with BOTTOMLESS DRINKS GUYS) so I can’t wait to try some of the other sweet treats on offer. The Snuggle Muffin cocktail from last night (champagne, strawberries, toasted marshmallow and ice for those asking for the recipe) may not be on the menu but has certainly wet my appetite for their milkshakes.

So when will you be planning your Snuggle Muffin visit?
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