Sailor Moon Inspired Make Up? Sign me up!

I pretty much grew up with Sailor Moon and for a long time I pretty much thought it was THE.BEST.THING.EVER. It was cute, kitschy, girly and camp and was always super fun. Years later Sailor Moon still manages to bypass the snark and bitchyface part of my brain and plug itself straight in toe fluffy fuzzy part that loves stories of high adventure, friendship and romance.

In 2012 the Sailor Moon anime celebrated it’s 20th anniversary and ever since they’ve been releasing all kinds of uber cute bits and bobs. My favourite has been the cosmetics line. Nail polishes, eyeliners, pressed powders and lipsticks. Quality wise? It’s a bit of a gamble but the packaging is bloody incredible!

The cosmetics lines design is super cute and all based around all the different transformation pens and compacts the scouts use. My favourite guy has got to be the pressed powder in the design of Sailor Moon’s transformation compact (though the Moon Wand lip balm is a close second.) I know quite a few polish enthusiasts who would love to get in about the nail polish set, coloured for each one of the inner scouts. The bright tangerine is a pretty gorgeous shade and is definitely one I need to try on my never ending quest for the perfect orange polish.

It’s a bit of a pain to try and get a hold of unless you fancy spending painful money on eBay. It’s worth giving here a shot if they do international shipping. If you really need your fix there are a few indie cosmetics sellers that do some Sailor Moon inspired goodies! I don’t know about you but ridiculous customs fees are looking mighty fine about now.

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