Nail SOS: From flakey nails to stiletto dreams (or how Swoon and calgel saved my nail life.)

Ignoring every piece of advice I’ve ever been given, I got stiletto nails. White stiletto nails. With freshly dyed purple hair. I’m not even sorry.

For a self confessed make up addict (my bedroom could double as a small Sephora) and more nail polish than I know that to do with (can a girl have too many reds? The answer, as it is with lipsticks is a no) I pretty much never do my nails. I paint them and then let them ride the storm. For months. Occasionaly I will get someone to do my nails. Which again we’re looking at max lasting a week before I start pick pick picking.

What I’m saying is, this is why I can’t have nice things.

There was however a solution to my problem. A solution which promised I would have to do SFA to my nails for weeks. Months if I played my cards right. Cost? Less than a night out and a couple of hours in my afternoon. It was time for this girl to get Swoon(ed) SIC.

I had spied some foine, fresh, fierce nails about Glasgow and has heard all the things about Calgel. All positive. I had a pretty negatory experience in the past with acrylics and a self removal job (acetate for dates and months of the flakiest nails) so I was legitimacy nervous. However I had that New Year slump of hating everything (my clothes, ma hurr, etc etc) so I resolved to shake shit up. One purple doo and a significant hit to the bank account later and I was ready to take the plunge.

White stilettos. Gold half moons. HIT ME. Swoon Nails took so much care of me with a ready supply of tea, biscuits and top notch chat (thank you L for being so sweet about my cuticles.) My nails were a fresh hot mess and Swoon, Swoon worked some pretty powerful magic on them. I went for ridiculous extensions because I like to make my life hard for myself (read: having to relearn how to ease a keyboard AND a keypad in an afternoon. Also jewellery and zips are not a minefield.) I also wanted white which,  hold up are actually holding up pretty well.

I wanted something really classic that I could wear with everything, and with a few handy care tips (buffers are your pals etc etc) I was good to go.

Calgels on average last 6 weeks before needing anything done, and you can get your bottom dollar I’ll be going in for fillers in a Peloponnesian minute. I am loving having some proper talons (the first day I looked a right sight, holding my hands out in front of me, stopping people and basically screaming LOOK AT THEM in their faces.) I can’t thank L enough for hooking a girl up and taking such good care of me. I can’t wait to Swoon again.

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