Get in loser, we’re going shopping! The Mean Girls jewellery line you didn’t know you needed.

The flawlessly titled “Burn Book” collection from Stella and Bow is the Mean Girls jewellery line you never knew you needed till now. Coinciding with the films 10 year anniversary, The Burn Book drops this February and has got to be the single most perfect jewellery collection ever.

 Each piece is named after a different character from the film (the pink stone bracelet is called Damian *squeal*) and I think I’d be hard pushed to find a time I was this excited about anything. The collection is filled to the brim with reference to the 2004 cult classic, and while there may not be any “really expensive white gold hoop earrings” there is however a rose gold Wednesday bracelet (because on Wednesday’s we wear pink) and a super cute “Full of Secrets” hair clasp. It’s a playful collection filled to the brim with you’re favourite Mean Girl’s quotes and it’s safe to say I want every.god.damn.thing. The Best Bitches best friend necklace while not a direct quote still nails the feel and I kind of think me and my Betty are in dire need of that bad boy.

The collection is available for pre-order now and drops Mid-February. Who else is getting in about this?

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