American Horror Story Style Icon: Myrtle Snow

My beloved American Horror Story is back which means one thing. More flawless outfits from one of my utter style crushes (even going as far to edge Audrey Horne out the top spot) Myrtle Snow. The matriarchal witch is like some gorgeous Grace Coddington meets Vivienne Westwood dreamboat and ever since becoming addicted to AHS (much like the rest of the internet) I have found myself wanting every one of her god damn outfits. Including the fingerless red latex gloves. Especially the fingerless red latex gloves.

Broach: Butler & Wilson
Glasses: Miu Miu at Pretavoir
Pussybow Blouse: Fendi
Red Gloves:  Dent
Rose Motif Dress: The Pretty Dress Company

When it comes to stylish fictional characters, Myrtle Snow has my heart. “I’m just mad for tartan.” ME TOO!  We’re fashion soul mates you and I Snow, and not just because you remind me of another orange haired beauty close to my heart.

It’s all in the details for me with Myrtle. From her vintage cat eye glasses, her pussy bow blouse, the colour red sneaking in everywhere via belts, rose motifs on her scarves and in her enviable glove collection. Also thanks to her a broach shaped like a scorpion seems not only a good idea but an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe.

I can’t wait to see how Coven wraps up (I need more Jessica Lange, more Kathy Bates, more Frances Conroy)  but till then I’m just going to fan girl over my new favourite witch. My Supreme in spirit and in style. Myrtle Snow.

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