Why your bra should fit and how to make sure it does

Just because it’s not the new year quite yet it doesn’t mean you should be rolling out those new year resolutions. 80% of women wear the wrong size bra (fo’ realsies girls, sort this out!) – which cause all sorts of problems. I’m pretty much captain of the busty express, clocking a cup size that starts with an F so finding pretty lingerie that fits can be the worst. How’s a girl to look fine/fresh/fierce when nearly anything above a D seems to read “Yes Matron” and if you try anything smaller you risk quad boob, nip slip and back aches.

Panache are one of the good guys, making pretty lingerie for ladies packing titty and hooking a sister up with this beautiful set above. When it comes to lingerie I don’t really ask for much. I want to feel locked in. When I run for the subway I don’t want to feel like I’m going to get a black eye. I also want it to be pretty damnit. Life is way too short for ugly underwear.

The Tango plunge bra from Panache has the cut that I favour (go plunge or go home) and was a gorgeous sheer tea rose in an austrian fine embroidered mesh all the way to a H cup. YES MAM. Get me some of that!

Legit you should be getting yourself measured every 6 months (trust me.) Wearing the right size is so so so important I can’t begin to stress it enough. Other than preventing a whole host of nasty health problems, a well fitted bra makes your clothes look better, makes your posture look better and makes you feel better.

So how do you know you’re wearing the wrong size? Back moving up? Quad boob? Bra slicing in to you? These are just a few of the tell tale signs of an ill-fitting bra. What can you do? GO GET YOURSELF MEASURED GURL. Wear a classic t-shirt for this (as a basic guide, if it looks good under a tee, odds are it will work under anything.) Try on bras, dance about in them. Make sure none of the above is happening with this bad boy and embrace your new lingerie goodness.

It’s also the perfect excuse to get some new lingerie.  Measuring tapes out!

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