Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

I’m not sure what happens in my brain round about December time (hell if I’m being honest, early November) but there is something in there that just goes MAD or the holiday season. And not in some holier-than-thou-in’t-it-ironic-to-like-Christmas kind of way. I legitimately am mad for it. Singing carols in the shower (Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby is my jam FYI), wrapping parcels, Christmas movies and hot chocolate are a near daily occurrence in the Waits household. No suprises for anyone then when Christmas jumper day rolled round, the Abandon Ship Christmas Sweater party to go to and the fact that there was air in my lungs it was time to crack out the festive regalia.

Jumper – eBay
Trousers – H&M
Hat – Primark
Shoes – New Look
Glasses – Miu Miu c/o Pretavoir

Or as I like to call it “that Home Alone jumper everyone’s getting on board with.” I have seriously seen it everywhere. This may have to do with the fact it’s skanky cheap on eBay (mine was around £8.98 with free postage -do make sure you get the right spelling of Christmas though) but also it references one of the best Christmas films of all time. Easily in my Top 10. Maybe Top 5. Maybe.

I love getting wrapped up warm though as December’s going this guy’s been pretty mild (I have had colder July’s) but just try and stop me from getting wrapped up toasty in my scarves and hats this holiday season. I’m counting down the days (I cracked and ate my advent calender 8 days in, I’M SORRY, I’M A CRAP ADULT) and can’t wait for it to be Christmas already. Till then I’m going to be amping up my festive mojo with pantos, ballets, cheese nights with friends and every god damn Christmas film you can imagine.

How are you getting in the mood for the holiday season?


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