You dancing? Am asking. What I Wore: Scottish Baftas

There ain’t no party like an after party because an after party is mandatory. And that’s how I found myself on a drizzly Sunday night making my hair look big and heading out to the Radisson for the BAFTA Scotland after party with my main girl Betty.

Top: Next
Trousers: Next
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: Next
Bag: Red N Bold
Glasses: Miu Miu c/o Pretavoir

I’m fully feeling trousers for going out (and just life in general) at the moment so when I found this little two piece number in Next I had to snap it up. £72 for the whole look which I just can’t get over and can already see me wearing the separates with loads more in my wardrobe (already wore the trousers with a little neon number on Monday.) I’m slowly coming round to the idea of glasses for going out. I’ve been told I’ve needed opticals since I was yay high and has a pretty hard time of it (this was back in the day of your full on Grandmum NHS specs and they took up about 75% of my face) so the second I could get contacts I was well and truly on it. I’ve been coming round to wearing specs the last few years but never ever for going out. Until I found the Miu Miu’s. I have never felt so good in a pair of glasses and hell, they made me feel FONCY. I love an exaggerated cats eye and they feel like a more feminine take on my usual day to day frame.

Anyway turned out this outfit was perfect for dance offs to good old JT, learning to jive and 5am trips to the Corinthian. My feet were well and truly swollen by the end of it but totally worth it. Trousers for the dance floor? I think I’ve found my antidote to the festive sequins. I’ll see you on the dance floor.


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