Grunge mermaid? I’ll take that!

Dress – River Island
Belt – Primark
Bag – You should know where by now…
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell
Tights – Primark

ALL CHANGE! Who says you need to wait till new year to change things up? Fresh off the back of my quarter life crisis, this week has been a bit off a doozy. I handed in my notice at a job that I love, I dyed my hair green and I started wearing pink (amendment: one pink thing. Ever.)

It all feels a bit surreal and completely utterly mental. At the beginning of the week my best girl Betty and I got our notice through to say that YUP we were officially a limited company. Which is weird because now I have things like shares (worth utterly zilch but SHARES – those things are for people with mortgages and fancy kitchens) and can legit call myself a director and a bidn’ess woman. We all know what that means right? From here on out we are sophisticated, educated, successful career women. Do you have some sort of business women special?

Clearly to deal with that the logical reaction to that was to dye my hair green (Bleach: Wash Up Mermaid FYI) and buy the brightest piece of clothing I could possibly find. Which I am totally in to. Look I KNOW Winter is meant to be my season.I should be having a ball getting be going for full out gothic eleganza but I’m finding myself going for more neons (which are pretty much a neutral colour as is) and silvers. Because that makes sense.

I  got to celebrate the end to a pretty big week at the opening of Abandon Ship’s first Glasgow pop up (coinciding with Betty’s final day at work) surrounded by some of my favourite people in the world. It’s all feeling pretty surreal right now but I’m not going to lie, feeling pretty hyped on life at the mo. I just can’t wait to get started!


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