She Came From Venus

Autumn appears to be the season for new beginnings with a few of my favourite local designers coming back in a big way. It has all been fairly quiet at camp ten30 for the longest time (though this may have more to do with my paper thin patience than anything else) and all of a sudden I was seeing smitherings of prints, vaguebook statuses and finally…FINALLY the coolest invite I’ve got in a long time – a short b-movie inspired video invite from the man himself. Alan Moore always pushes the boat out with his presentations, previous shows including a ballet inspired catwalk show and embroided quote keepsakes so I was more than ready for his 60’s sci-fi inspired evening to showcase the new collection “She Came From Venus.”

Moving away from an atypical catwalk show, instead we were presented more with an exhibition. Distorted mannequins, flickering images and dresses hanging on white minimal walls. The vibe was 60s space age with an undeniable Glasgow edge. Moore’s strength’s have always been textiles and he’s bringing them back in a big way with his bright colourful psychedelic prints on easy to wear luxe-casual dresses that wouldn’t look out of place in the office or a special night out.  I loved the warped kaleidoscope effect of the prints. Big style. I do have to confess (and it should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody dear readers) that my favourite favourite thing was the little black number I saw hanging on the wall (and mentally in my closet.) I look at it and I’m feeling a bit of a super bad ass and sassy rogue space piratess. And that’s what I love about ten30. He’s all about presenting stories but leaving it open so you can find your own. It’s a gorgeous snippet of what he’s been working on and quite frankly I’m glad that he’s finally back.

Dress – Obscure Couture
Necklace – c/o Bonnie Bling
Bag – Red & Bold
Naturally for a launch of a Scottish designer’s new collection a sister had to representin’ so slid in to a wee number from Obscure Couture’s Weekend In Hell collection, some docs and made sure my looked real big. It was a cracking night and it was great to so many folk turn out to support Alan and the Glasgow fashion scene in general (which has to be one of the most collaborative and supportive scenes going.)

Thrilled to have you back Mr Moore, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next!

Photos c/o Martins Melecis


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