Isolated Heroes: Kosovo Brides SS14

Hold up. Have we all taken a moment to fully appreciate how insanely good Isolated Heroes new collection is? Cause shut the front door, I can’t even begin to deal with how beyond perfect this guy is. Dundee is just knocking it out of the park at the moment, and Samantha McEwen’s new collection “Kosovo Brides” is just another reason in an ever growing list on why I’m buckwild crazy for this city’s creative scene at the mo.

 Isolated Heroes is pretty much in the business of making ugly clothes beautiful and without a doubt “Kosovo Brides” is McEwen’s strongest collection to date. Still fully channelling some fine,fresh,fierce 90’s deliciousness (the laser cut pink plaid cut is all but named for our fave Clueless gal Cher Horowitz) but also plays with some massive furry jumpers, sequined kimonos, out of this world digital prints and some of the finest faux fur jackets I ever did see.

The collection takes it’s inspiration from it’s namesake – “Kosovo Brides” and is really heavily influenced by traditional folklore, mythical tales and ceremony and rituals. In Kosovo, traditionally brides will have their faces painted, and be covered in ornate designs, sequins, jewels and beads as well as wearing layers and layers of clothing. The whole idea is to protect the bride from evil spirits and conceal her innocence/virginity. It’s obviously a much more wearable version of it, but the influence is still there. The high fantasy, romanticism, cool mythical and super luxe is all up in this collection.And like the bride, the collection is never more beautiful when it’s worn layered up. It’s a high impact collection, and every item on it’s own is a straight up statement piece but wearing pieces together just looks straight up unreal. Wallflowers need not apply.

Palette wise it’s almost sickly sweet, and like all of McEwen’s work to
date seems to channel some kind of weird tribal futurism. I say it
every god damn time I talk about Isolated Heroes but I always get MAJOR
tribe vibes. Maybe it’s the cosmic print (who saw that feeling fresh again any time soon?) or the embossed faux fur coats but I’m getting total apocalyptic retro sci-fi. If this is what the end of
the world looks like, I’m ready for it.

McEwen is clearly one of the most talented up and coming designers
working in Scotland today and her new collection is fucking unreal. For me it feels like all the bases are covered here without compromise. Androgyny and uber fem sit happily next to each other in this collection, and the saccharine pastels that predominate this collection never feel too pretty or girly. It feels fresh and edgy and sexy without having to answer to anyone. Also it’s the first collection in a long time  that’s made me properly consider integrating a two piece in to my wardrobe so there is that.

Isolated Heroes is only going from strength to strength. and with this – her best collection to date IMHO I can’t wait to see what she whips up next. Till then I think it’s about time I embraced pastels….


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