Introducing: Lazy Line Painter Belle

I did a double take the first time I saw Lazy Line Painter Belle’s stock. It was a Sunday and I was having my bi-monthly browse at Granny Would Be Proud hunting for bargain vintage goodies and properly something baked and delicious. I’m not really one what’s ever really on the hunt for jewellery but I could not but help but fawn ALL over Michelle Souter’s tattoo inspired designs. I’m a right sook for illustration and her paper cut tattoo styled art work ticked boxes that I wasn’t even aware I had. Bold colours, fine lined hair and just a hint of Litchenstein about her whole aesthetic (though cites one of her main inspirations as Japanease artist Yayoi Kusama who’s influence is undeniably present)  it’s safe to say I was head over heels.


Souter’s jewellery was a natural progression. She was an artist who was always experimenting with different techniques like embroidery and printmaking so jewellery was just the next step. She works with shrink plastic – which she finds similar to acrylic but without the glossy finish as well as allowing her a real flexibility with her designs and giving her a quick turn around in her designs. 

Chatting to Souter it’s hard not to get sucked in by her energy and enthusiasm. Meeting her she is a modest girl who loves her art, but after emailing and asking a bit more about her brand she is an optimistic bright individual who wants nothing more than to make something she loves and hope other people love it too.

“I believed it was possible to be an artist
and produce wearable art based around the things in life that influence
me the most. It’s hard work, but I’ve always believed that if you want
something in life you have to go out and make it happen. Not everyone
gets what I do, but those that do are the ones
that matter.”

With broaches, cards, phone covers and nail decals – Souter is making her art accessible and wearable by all. The purse friendly price point didn’t go a miss by this bargain hunter either. £3 for a ring? On my hand now please and thank you. The cards and the broaches have got to be my favourite and I could spend hours having a wee browse through her facebook album.

You’re most likely to find Lazy Line Painter Belle at your local craft fairs (she’s been known to roam Aberdeen & Glasgow) as well as a limited selection on her own site as well as availability at Fred’s Emporium in St Andrews. Cracker of a wee find. I’m already mentally purchasing bits and bobs for a few of my best gals stocking fillers (too soon??) 


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