Coco Fennell X Karen Mabon with brokendown beauty queens. I LIVE.

It’s all a bit Drop Dead Gorgeous. That’s the best way I can truly describe Karen Mabon (of Red Brick North fame) and her collab with the fab Coco Fennell. Mabon’s detailed illustrations paired with cute collared dresses and given a subversive edge make for one hell of a partnership. Inspired by beauty pageants and what goes on behind the curtain, the humour throughout Karen Mabon X Coco Fennell’s collaboration is coal black. AND I LOVE IT.

The clue is in the name. “Breakdown Beauty Queen” is heavily inspired by the darker sign of beauty pageantry. Pill popping, lipstick wearing, chain smoking gals who will near enough do anything to go home with the crown. I have ALWAYS loved Mabon’s illustrations (quite frankly I feel her scaves should be framed, not just worn) so I’m actually crazy thrilled to see her distinctive illustrative style over there gorgeous classic and feminine dresses. The pill popper black dress with the sharp collar is a firm favourite but I just can’t get over the Memorabelia Dress. Just looks the sort of thing you could just pour yourself in to.

Naturally there is some killer scarves as part of the collection . The Breakdown Beauty Queen scarf is unbelievable but got to say, the Fag Break scarf is my utter fave. Just saying. I may not know girls tumbling in tiaras, but lipstick armed chain smokers? Those are the gals I know. 

Fennell describes her designs as the kind designed to work with a women’s body rather than against it (all cut to flatter boobs, hips and waists) and the kind of dresses you’d be happy to bump in to you ex in to. Partnered with Mabon’s illustrations here it’s easy to see why. I pretty much went through the entire lookbook squealing and clapping (merited a few weird looks, can tell you that for nothing.)

Pretty much everything has made it’s way on to my Christmas list (never too early to start am I right?) The entire collection is available now for your perusal – and can be purchased here. So what we thinking guys? In tae it?


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