The White Snake

I’m a girl who swears by a predominately black closet – but I can’t escape a fondness for a good print. It’s been forever since I came away from a local shown and was just blown away. As me and my beloved Swollocks walked away from the venue (the GORGEOUS Arlington Baths) we were shaking with excitement. It was all wavy hands and wild arm gestures, raised voices and mentally (and vocally) styling our favourite pieces.

Which is what makes Naromode so exciting. Their debut collection had me crazy excited about Scottish fashion. We’ve got some amazing staples on the scene, but it had been a while since a totally brand new designer came out the wood works and just got it so very very right.

Naramode (or narrative fashion) are the latest luxury fashion label to hit the Glasgow scene. Iain Macdonald and Anna Thorn have pretty much nailed it. Each piece plays part to a larger fairy tale, and their debut “The White Snake” was just something else. I’m a real sucker for illustration and the pieces just features these really gorgeous prints that looked like paintings. They were full on fantasy with gorgeous prints and an effective use of colour set to instantly wearable silhouettes (maxis, cropped tops and shift dresses.)

Made possible thanks to crowdfunding (seriously how cool is that) I can’t wait to see more from Naromode. I’m already in love with their printed scarves featuring bees, moths and lightbulbs – and the apple print dress is TOTALLY my favourite. They really are a brand worth getting excited about – keep your eyes and ears open from these guys, I know I will be.


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