So you’ve never been to the ballet?

 I find myself frequently referring to different Scottish Ballet productions as “gateway drugs” in to ballet. The more I think about it – Scottish Ballet as a company are entirely a gateway drug to ballet.  Every negative stereotype you have about ballet – it’s inaccessible, stuffy, boring (SERIOUSLY??) – is thrown straight out the window with Scottish Ballet’s increasingly innovative programming and fantastic team.
It’s a mean feat to look elegant in neck to toe white lycra is what I’m saying.

This year, Scottish Ballet’s Autumn programme features a wee back to back goodness with Rites of Spring & Elite Syncopantions. I was lucky enough to catch a wee preview of Elite before opening night and shut the front door but oh boy is this guy a must see or what???  The orchestra is on stage, in costume, with the dancers as they perform a 40 minute piece based on the idea of a 1920’s dance competition. And it is wild. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much at the theatre. Everything is just filled with so much character and personality. I mean yeah – the dancing is amazing, the dancing is ALWAYS amazing but it feels looser, more fun. It has this real feel of delight about it. Making something as physically enduring as ballet look this easy (and super fun and in skin tight lycra) is insane but the Scottish Ballet team do a bloody superb job.

I also pretty much need to take a quiet moment to fan girl about the costumes. I was ready to wear pretty much everything. Eve Mutso’s little blue and white number was spectacular, and I never thought I wanted a bodysuit but I think I may be ready for it. Super fun, loads of colour (flashes of neons and pastels) with printed tights and hats – oh my god don’t get me started on the hats – the feel is meant to be sort of goofy, a real caricature but – hell I’d wear half of the outfits on stage on a night out.

Rites of Spring & Elite Syncopantions are performed for a super limited time at Theatre Royal In Glasgow from 26th-28th of October with some cheeky chances to get some pre-show talks in first. Also HOLLA if you are under 26, time to score yourself some £10 tickets. Def worth making some room in your calender for.


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