Happy Birthday To Me

I love birthday’s. Especially my own. It’s not so much about the presents and the cake (though both of those things are very nice), and hell it’s not even about celebrating my actual birthday. For me it’s all about the party. In the past I’ve had a pop up cinema and an Elvira witchy themed affair so this year with the whole quarter life crisis (apparently a thing now) I thought I’d do a straight up flashback sleepover. Basically loads of junk food (I made a massive macaroni and cheese), some movies (10 Things I Hate About You topped the list), doing our nails in a blanket and generally having a dead girly time.
And it was killer. I got to guzzzle champagne with some of my favourite human beings (including my beloved Swollocks, Calgie and Lady Bon) as well as attempting to do my nails with some gorgeous decals gifted to me by the bodacious Tammy at DIY Nails. Decals, I swear have to be the only thing that are both more difficult and easier than you think to use at the same time. Can’t even begin to deal.
Obviously no birthday is complete without cake and the newly opened Snuggle Muffin (I am still not over how cute the name of this place is by the way) donated some cakes to fill out bellies. Seriously I’ve never seen so much cake in all my life. Red velvet, smore, lemon meringue, banoffee – it was utterly heavenly. Found at 220 George Street, Snuggle Muffin is a hop, skip and a jump from Casa Waits. The temptation to go in on a daily basis for my baked good needs (I heard through the grapevine they do some smashing pancakes) is near overwhelming.
I think it’s safe to say I was utterly spoiled rotten for my birthday and am the luckiest Bee to have such wonderful and generous friends and family and I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier birthday. I am however still recovering from all the gummies and chocolate at the weekend.

Oh and before you ask – that IS a bag shaped like a cat.


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