Dressed to kiltr

Top – Primark
Dress – H&M
Shoes – c/o Dr Martens
Necklace – Zara
Bag – Red & Bold

With the nights fair drawing in (I KNOW I’M SORRY) it falls easy to slide back in to the old faithfulls. A wee chill in the air is enough to have me crawling back in to my good old 80D’s and a wee camel cashmere number faster than you can shake a stick. That said it’s still temperate enough that I can chance a bare leg – which I will be doing as much as humanly possible – I’m getting ready to try a wee bit of something different for AW13 and what better time to debut an all white look at the launch of Kiltr 2.0.  It meant a wee chance to crack out this wee Primark cropped number (answering the age old question of how do you wear a cropped top in the Winter) and my Zara necklace which has been sitting on my dressing table for actual week. Also marked the first outing of my beloved kitty cat bag. Natch.

I wasn’t sure what to make of Kiltr at first – I’d had it for years and I’d really let my profile stagnate (for a lass who works so heavily with social media by day I really deserve a good hand skelp) but recently revisited the site and it looks fucking incredible. So much cleaner, fresher and has that business focus without being cold and corporate. It just feels like a really exciting new sharing platform – like tumblr and linkedin had a baby and popped out something for professionals who not only want to promote their work, but the things that they love, the good stuff. While it’s Scottish focused, it has global appeal – really focusing on pushing Scottish talent and welcoming anyone with an affinity with Scotland. It’s a niche concept and I’ll be really interested to see how it develops over the coming months but there definitely feels like there is a real buzz around it. Plus let’s face it, they got their design on fucking point. My fave wee feature is the different buttons you have for your followers (including Porridge, Scottie Dog, Sporan etc.) It’s really playful but really seems to be about building online communities and collaboration which let’s face it, is something we definitely need a lot more of.

I don’t know about you but I’m giving it a shot (find me)- also with some of their events coming up *cough*OffKiltr Street Food Festival *cough* they are definitely worth giving a goosy gander.


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