Smoking hot off the presses: DIY Nails Pop Up Nail Bar comes to Glasgow

SHUT UP. Seriously I cannot contain my excitement about this. DIY Nails are going to be doing a pop up nail bar in the heart of Glasgow. Those of you who follow me on twitter/facebook/instagram will have heard me chat endlessly about somewhereto_re:store (the high street heist.) somewhereto_ is a Big Lottery Funded project that finds free spaces for young people to do what they love, and this year have this really cool campaign called somewhereto_re:store. Basically across the U.K in 6 different locations there are pop up shops which young folk aged 16-25 can use for free to do what they love. I’ve been working on the Glasgow shop and we’ve had some pretty amazing stuff in already (Lewalicious cakes & Dormouse Tea Company with a pop up cafe, Hardwear Glasgow doing free screenprinting workshops and Little Book of Transfers creating a month long live art mural.) I’ve been wanting to get Tammy from DIY Nails (interviewed here) in to the space as soon as I found we scored the location (12-16 South Fredrick Street y’all) and thrilled to have her this weekend (just in time for the Our Founding Daughters Launch.)

So if you fancy getting  your nails did or just hooking yourself up with some falsies and decals pop on down. You can creep your eye over the DIY facebook for more info on how to get yourself an appointment or follow @somewhereto_SCT for more info on somewhereto_re:store and all the other cool stuff got coming up. Can’t wait!


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