It would be pretty much irresponsible of me not to drop this little nugget of fash wisdom on you for the weekend. Especially just after pay day.
I’m a mad fan of Euan McWhirter‘s jewellery (his Marie Antoinette collection, seriously guys, I don’t die…I LIVE) and his work featuring hot pops of colour is all kinds of wonderful. I’ve been meaning to creep out his elusive studio in the Hidden Lane forever (it also gives me an excuse to get my scones on at the Hidden Lane Tea Room) so a cheeky wee flash sale the second after money dropped in to my bank seems like the perfect excuse to head out. You’ll be looking at on average 40% off RRP. 40% GUYS. Also…I know it says from 1am-5pm – now while I am ALL about getting up early to be down for the sales with sharpened elbows and debit card primed, I suspect that’s meant to be 1pm, so no eager beaver fashionistas about Finneston in the wee hours of Friday night/Saturday morning ya hear?
Just, man, I love sale season.


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