SHUT THE FRONT DOOR Obscure Couture’s Weekend in Hell

So the new lookbook from Glasgow darlings and Scottish Fashion Award 2013 nominees (CONGRATS DOLLIES) Obscure Couture dropped earlier today and just – holy fuck. It is fucking delicious. Seriously though – an all black collection? I am all up in this. It’s nothing short of a face heel turn for the Scottish design duo after their high fantasy, frothy and candy coloured Fake Believe collection. They’ve kept the fantasy, shifting away from fairy princesses and unicorns, instead shifting towards dominatrices in their fetish inspired collection entitled “A Weekend in Hell.”

Harnesses, latex, leather, and sheer – and LOADS of black, for a collection that is do heavily influenced by eroticism, I have to say this is probably their easiest to wear collection to date (for me at least.) It’s their one collection where I could pretty much envision every piece hanging in my wardrobe. In typical fangirl fashion I found my squealing at the sheer polka dot skirts and the latex bodies. The full length Villain halter dress with collar was definitely one of the highlights.

Previously Obscure Couture RTW collections have focuses on tongue in cheek slogans (Too Cool To Swedge, I Flew Here On My Unicorn) and a vibrant use of colour which is perhaps why Weekend is Hell is so refreshing. Completely black and with a focus on texture and shape makes this their best collection to date.

Weekend In Hell drops in August/September but you can get your pre-orders in before hand by emailing with the style and size and get your grubby wee paws on it before general release (that’s the beginning of August fash fans.)  If you fancy seeing the rest of the collection and believe me YOU DO it’s available online here.) It’s safe to say A Weekend is Hell is doing nothing to dull my Summer apathy. A/W 13 I AM READY.


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