Scottish Fashion Awards 2013 – Thoughts/Feels?

The other week the Scottish Fashion Awards released their shortlist of nominees (yipee) as well as a move to London for the the 2013 show (which honestly I’m still processing.) That said, the nominees for this year are some of the strongest I’ve seen and I couldn’t help myself from getting utterly sucked in the list, debating internally (and externally among friends) about all things Scottish Fashion. So who are my picks from the proverbial litter?

Designer of the Year:
Pretty much the most delicious cast of designer’s you could hope for fill this category. Christopher Kane, Holly Fulton, Jonathan Saunders and Louise Gray all go head to head in this category. For the past few years we’ve seen Saunders and Kane both score Scottish Fashion Awards. Me? I’m hoping they’ll go and throw the way of Louise Gray.

Lots of lovely lovely knit wear in this category this year. I really really love Rosie Sugden and believe she makes some of the most beautiful cashmere pieces period, but if I was a betting woman (I’m not) my money would be behind Eribe.

This category is filled with some dead wonderful and talented folk flying the fash flag. Thank Fifi, Lynn McCrossan and Laura Craik would all make super wonderful winners but as a die hard reader of The Gentlewoman my vote is behind Penny Martin.

Young Designers:
Real talk? This has to be the toughest category for me to choose my top pick as it’s pretty much filled with some of my favourite up and coming designers period. Saunt & Sinner haven’t even been kicking about for a year and already scored themselves a wee nom against Bee Waits favourites Rebecca Torres and Obscure Couture.I’d love love love to see the OC’s to walk away with a win this year – however I think this one will probarly go to Jacob Birge (who’s work is frigging spectacular) or Jennifer Morris. I’ll be flying my OC flag till the day I die I fear

Graduate is always one of my faves and you get some really beautiful collections from the fresh faced designers. I think Matthew Houston, Lauren Jones (her 20s inspired graduate collection – I LIVE) and Laura Jaye Nevin all have some really really beautiful stuff in but I think they are just edged out by Judy C Clarke protege Kirsty Maclennan and her baroque lace and beaded designs.

This is probarly the category I’m least excited about. It’s lovely to see indie darlings like The Pokey Hat on the list but over all as a category nothing really pops for me. That said the jackets from Tom Morris look to die for. I’m voting for them.


House of Halo, Jenivieve Berlin and Georgia Wiseman are all pretty delicious but I have to say I would really love to see this one to go to Jane Gowans. I’ve been such a big fan of her work for the past few years and I’d like to see this girl blow up.

International Designer: (for best use of Scottish fabric.)
This has got to be Chanel. It cannot possibly be anyone else right?  If for some reason Chanel doesn’t walk away with this on the night I would love for it to be Moschino because overall, I enjoyed their collection more. But it’s going to be Chanel.

Creative Excellence:
This is a toughy. I do think it will be a close one between Brian Rennie for Basler and Pam Hogg. OBVIOUSLY I’m #teampam. All the way but this one for me feels like a bit close.

So there you have it. I’m ready to have my predications dashed come October, but I have to say I’m pretty stoked with some of the names listed this year. Regarding the move to London? I think it’s a great opportunity for smaller designers to get their face/name/generally fine/fresh/fierce work known in the Big Smoke and it’s lovely to see a celebration of Scottish fashion in the capital. I mean LOOK AT SOME OF THOSE NAMES? Scottish fashion has never been better. Would I have liked to see it stay in Scotland? ‘Course I would. I’d like to see designers working,selling and all the like in Scotland. For me it feels like it could send out the message that you can’t be a designer in Scotland and succeed as the support network isn’t there. It’s a real shame that the funding and support hasn’t been in place to keep it in Scotland this year, but maybe a wee jaunt to London is what’s needed before returning home for the Commonwealth right? Either way it’s set to be a stellar show and congrats to ALL the nominees. Looks like this year’s a biggie!


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