OOTD The perils of wearing a jumpsuit and other stories

 Jumpsuit – Bonprix*, Scarf – Vaslav and Lily, Sunglasses – Osiris

I’ve always had reservations about wearing jumpsuits. I always thought they basically made people look like giant babies. Also can’t forget the impracticality of being able to go to the bathroom. For me they just seemed to tick all the boxes that point towards a bad idea.

Which I suppose was why I wanted to try it. And not just any jumpsuit. I wasn’t looking for one to pull over the bikini to head to the beach or whatevs. Homegirl wanted to give off some air of class, sophistication. I wanted to look like one of those effortlessly chic women of the world, and I wanted to do it in a romper. Because it would be funny. 

I had the 15 years of GC at Rox coming up – an event where the dress code is “glamorous” so it pretty much seemed like it was time to bite the bullet and crack out the jumpsuit. The Rox parties are always those properly luxurious affairs (I’d basically been invited to drink champagne and look at relatively expensive watches – not a bad way to spend a Thursday night) and I always feel like I’ll be a bit out of place. Surely if I rocked up in a romper I’d be turned away at the door or met with hushes whispers of who let the massive woman child in the building.

Luckily I found a jumpsuit that I believe makes me look pretty pulled together (one hopes.) I got this lovely black jumpsuit from Bonprix with a flattering wrap detail and wide leg trousers. It’s a pretty statement piece even though there isn’t loads going on and since it was a pleasantly balmy night in Glasgow (how often do you say that) I slid on some black loafers and my Vaslav and Lily scarf to go with.  While it made sure I wasn’t out of place for the Rox party I was suprised by how much I like the jumpsuit and how versatile it’s going to be in my wardrobe. Brunch with the girls on Sunday? Sorted. Fashion show at Caley, go on then. Dinner with the bf – DONE. It’s just a very easy piece to wear and quickly replacing my usual easy peasy outfit of blue jeans and a tee.

Safe to say that I’m a convert. If you’re looking to try out something a bit different for Summer could do far worse than one of these guys.

Pic courtesy of the good folk at Rox.


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