Bee Beauty Review: Ali Mac Skincare

When it comes to skin care I’m serious business. You’ll nary see me without some kind of SPF on my skin and always always always (almost always) take off my make up after a night out. That said I’m always looking for something that actually works with my skin. It feels at times I’ve tried every skincare product going (both luxury and high street) and well, I’ve yet to find the one. I’ve got a few beauty babes that have been known to pop up more than once in my bathroom cabinet *cough* Shu Uemura *cough* Origins *cough* – but I’m always on the look out for my next beauty babe. Ali Mac is a small independent beauty company with a brand philosophy I think we can all get behind. Producing ethically produced (no sad bunnies folks), mostly organic and free from synthetic ingredients, Ali Mac seemed well worth a shot.
I was sent the Camellia Cleansing Melt and Rose Face Balm to give a shot and I have to say I am in love. First of all the products come in these really dinky heavy dark jars – the kind that you know whatever is going on inside is going to be crazy good for you. And it is. I’ve been using Ali Mac for just over a week now and my skin seems to be thanking me for it. The products smell amazing – though the Rose Balm has to be my favourite. My skin seems to be perpetually thirsty at the moment (what’s up with that?) so it’s great to give it a moisture hit.

That said the texture of the product isn’t for everyone. It’s not more than a stone’s throw away from Vaseline (though much much lighter.) This isn’t such a problem for the cleansing melt as you wash it off and your skin just feels all kinds of fine/fresh/fierce – however the rose balm does sit on the skin. That said make up does apply on top of it fluidly (no streaks here folks) and it smells amazing, so you win some you loose some. It’s not much more expensive than most premium skin care products either – £18.95 for the cleanser and £32.95 for the moisturiser. Gets the job done which isn’t always a guarantee with luxury products (at times you really are just paying for the name without any real benefit to your skin) as well as being a lovely premium cruelty free product!


Cruelty Free
Free from Synthetic and Unethical Ingredients
Skin looks all kinds of fine/fresh/fierce
Cleanser moisturises but also gets all sorts of horribleness out your skin
Rose Balm is pretty much a miracle product if suffering from dry skin


Textures a bit weird
Balm can sit on the skin and leave a bit of a shine
No SPF 🙁

It’s really lovely to discover a brand that creates beautiful products that are also animal friendly. I know I’ll be re-ordering the Rose Balm (and maybe the cleanser) once I’m done but so far my pots are lasting for an age and a half! If looking for some new cruelty free skincare goodies off the beaten path Ali Mac are a good place to start.


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