Soap and Glory Show Good Face Foundation Review

Real talk time. Spending £33 on foundation on the regular for me just isn’t feasible  It also doesn’t help that my luxe foundation de jour comes in a glass bottle. Not ideal for the running to work or slipping in to the gym bag. So what’s a gal to do? My general experiences of drug store foundation is for the most part that the colours tend to be off and they don’t have any real longevity. All I really want for a daily foundation is a good colour match, an even coverage and nothing too heavy. OH and a SPF is an essential.

I’ve been skeptical about Soap and Glory as a brand for a while. I mean their bath time goodies were always lovely but the brand initially came across as very style over substance. That said I had tried their concealer last year and loved it, and I had some Boots points to turn. It seemed to be worth a shot. And that’s where Show Good Face comes in to play. A 2 in 1 foundation/primer this guy promises longevity and a medium coverage. So far so good right?

I picked up their palest foundation – The Fairest of Them All – which is actually a suprisingly good pale colour match. In the past I’ve found a lot of high street foundations have been too yellow or too orange, no such problem here. It can seem a bit of a false economy if you’re spending £8-£12 on a foundation that just doesn’t sit right. I know a few uber pale beauties have sang the praises of Rimmel and Dainty Doll  but really this probably the closest match to my skin tone I’ve found on a budget. The formula itself is quite light, though applying it to my skin I found it felt almost dry. It blended in to my skin well and offers a nice even coverage – though for any redness or blemishes I would build up with a touch more. It’s probably not for you if you’re looking for a total matte coverage, best if you’re looking for something a little fresher looking. Does it last for ages? Not really. It does for a day in the office but if I’m heading out straight after work a wee fresh application wouldn’t go a miss.

At £11 it’s a really solid day to day foundation. The colour’s great, I love the formula and it’s got an SPF (a total beauty must.) Will it give you a heavy coverage? No, but it’s perfect if you’re looking for a good natural looking foundation. I picked mine up in a wee Boots offer (got myself a free eyeshadow palette and blusher from a few promos that were on) and Soap and Glory are currently 3 for 2 at the moment. I’d def recommend if you’re looking for a nice day foundation without breaking the bank. If going to take advantage of the offer it’s worth picking up one of their lipsticks (Pom Pom is my personal favourite).

Do you have any fave high street foundations?


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