Monday Munch Courgette Pasta with tomato, lemon and garlic sauce.

Ever since I posted this guy on instagram (beewaits if you must) I’ve had people messaging me for the recipe. A low carb alternative to pasta? WITCHCRAFT. Seriously though this guy is super delicious, super simple and really easy to make. It’s proper budget healthy eating and is vegan friendly if you take out my heavy handed use of hard cheese.


1 Large Courgette
Handful of Cherry Tomatoes
2 Cloves of Garlic
A good old dash of lemon juice
Oregano to taste
The tiniest amount of oil
(Serves 1 for a quick solo lunch, though easy enough to bulk up, just go by the general rule of thumb of one large courgette per person.)

Courgette Pasta:

Cut the tops and tail off your courgette. The green skin can be left if you prefer, but I like to peel it off. If you have a vegetable peeler use this to slice thin strips of courgette away to make the pasta until you reach the seedy centre. Nae worries if you don’t have such fancy kitchen contraptiony. Nothing than can’t be achieved with a sharp knife. Once you have your thin pasta strips heat up a non stick pan. Add a dash of oil and heat till it’s hot. Throw in your courgette. Cook for no more than 3 minutes. Any more and this guy is going to fall apart. 


I basically just decided to throw whatever was in the fringe to make up a sauce. You can use whatever you like – pesto, jar of whatever is sitting in your cupboard but this guy is super fresh and tasty so worth giving it a shot. In a pan heat up a little oil. Add your handful of cherry tomatoes halved with your diced garlic. Let it cook away quite happily. Add a good dash of lemon juice and maybe a wee tsbp of water to keep it going along nicely. I added a pinch of oregano.

I’d say it’s best to prepare your sauce before the pasta, as your courgette noodles will cook SUPER fast. After they are cooked just pour them in to your sauce, stir and serve. I like mine with some faux permesan (to keep it veggie friendly.) This guy is super cheap and super fast to make and you can pretty much use it as an alternative to pasta if you’re looking for something low carb and wanting to get some more veggies in your life. Let me know if you try it and what you think!


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