Mon help some sistas out: Saunt and Sinner Crowdfunding Campaign

It’s no secret I’m a MASSIVE fan of talented up and comers Saunt and Sinner. The new luxe fashion label has been going from strength to strength. There isn’t a lot of places I go without my Saunt and Sinner scarf and I was ALL about their Heather Nevay inspired debut collection ‘The Broken Doll.’

The ladies are currently working on their second collection which I just know is going to be UH-MAZING and they are looking at scooting off to the Big Smoke to showcase their work in September. At London Fashion Week. Natch. And they are using one of my fave platforms to do it.

I think crowdfunding is amazing and gives people an opportunity to help small artists, designers, film makers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow, develop and create. Without crowdfunding Bonnie Blind would be sans laser, Johanna Basford’s Wonderbeasts would have remained a pipe dream and my favourite app Zombies,Run! would be non existent. The girls are currently in the process of funding £2500. They are a third of the way there with only 12 days to go. If you love independent design and fancy helping out a couple of homegrown talent/babes I’d throughly encourage you to dig deep and get on it.

Saunt and Sinner Crowdfunding


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