Disney Villain Inspired Shoes? Get on my feet already

I’ve slowly been making the transmission from dedicated heel wearer to finally appreciating a good flat (can’t tell if it’s me becoming sensible or just boring, or appreciating the longevity a lesser heel provides for the shape pulling on the night out) so when it comes down to it I like something a bit more interesting to get me all in about the idea of heels. When I found these bad boys by Kobi Levi you can bet I was all in about it. Levi’s all about the novelty shoes – and his swan and flamingo inspired shoes are pretty mega but man, let’s face it I am a proper sucker for a villain. 
He’s started off with designing shoes inspired by let’s face it, the holy trinity of Disney Villains – The Evil Queen, Ursula and Malificent.
I love a fugly wee shoe and I am in to the Maleficent shoe in a BIG way. I can’t say I have particularly big feels for the Ursula number (and I ADORE her) but I feel this is more to do with my aversion to a sneaky wee peep toe than anything else. I love the idea of shoes as wee tiny art pieces for the feet and the designs are fun and playful and actually get me excited about wearing heels on the regular again.  Will definitely be stalking Levi’s blog more so in the future.


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