Swap Shops and Clothes Swaps

Real talk time. Who hasn’t stood in front of their wardrobe and despaired? I have more clothes than is sensible for any one person to have yet frequently find myself freaking out and thinking I have nothing to wear.  We’ve seen the rise of Clothes Swap nights, sites like Girl Meets Dress and shops trading in on the idea of “swapping” (H&M want you to trade in a bad of unwanted clothes for £5 off when you spend £30.)  This isn’t anything particularly new. I grew up (and continue to) pilfer bits and pieces from my friends and sisters wardrobe like some weird fashion magpie but the internet has made it easier than ever. But do we really want to share our clothes with strangers?

Short answer – maybe. While there is still some stigma about shopping in charity shops (and for some people even the thought of vintage gives them the creeps) the actual swap factor seems like a more human and a more palatable way to expand your wardrobe. Clothes swap nights are all over the shop (I’m dying to go to one soon, but this is also down to me being a nosey parker and wanting a deek in other folks wardrobes and charity Playbusters recently opened their Swap Shop on Duke Street last week and invites you to bring in your old (but good quality pieces) to swap in their store.

I can’t wait to find a wee Thursday or Friday to creep down – hoping I can find something fancy for my holidays or maybe for a night out, and def seems like a much better alternative to heading down to Toppers and dropping some dollah! It’s a wonderful initiative to make sure we don’t waste what we have.

Simply Swap is located on 439 Duke Street in Glasgow’s East End Thursday’s 9.30 till 5.30 and Fridays  9.30 till 3. TAKE THEE TO THE SWAP SHOP.

NB: Also you Glasgow lovelies reading this Saturday night/Sunday morning I’ll be at Granny Would Be Proud at Hillhead Bookclub Sunday 21st of April (tomorrow) selling some vintage and other treats all under £5. JUST SAYIN’.


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