Scottish Ballet present Matthew Bournes Highland Fling

I don’t know what I thought Scottish Ballet’s new production “Highland Fling” was going to be like. I expected there to be a lot of tartan (there was), I expected it to be beautifully danced (ditto that) and I expected the set design to be gorgeous (mischeif managed guys, it was flawless.)  What I wasn’t expecting was it to be as sexy, cool or indeed as funny as it was.

That said Scottish Ballet have never been ones afraid to push boundaries and experiment, and with Matthew Borne (known for his gender bending take on Swan Lake) at the helm there was no room for their modern adaptation of La Sylphide to be anything other than amazing. With a gritty punk rock sensibility Highland Fling manages to be funny, dark, romantic and tragic – all in under 90 minutes. And when it comes down to it, that’s the only critique I can think of Highland Fling. I wish it was longer.

From the kitschy tartan backdrop to the grungy abandoned car lot – Highland Fling brings humour, passion and sheer emotion to every scene. It’s entirely captivating. If there was ever any ballet to introduce a naysayer to this would be it. In fact this is the perfect introduction to ballet for anyone who still holds the horridly outdated misconceptions that ballet is stuffy/old-fashioned.  Or anyone really. The dancers were on form, Lez Brotherston’s set and costumes were fantastic and Bourne’s take on the classic tale was just everything I want from a ballet – or any night out really.

You can catch Highland Fling for yourself

Theatre Royal- Saturday 27th April – Saturday 4th May

Eden Court -Thursday 9th – 11 May

His Majesty’s Theatre 16th-18th May

Festival Theatre – 22-25th May

Head’s up – if you’re under 26, a full time student or unwaged you can also score yourself some tickets for £10. Take full advantage while you can. A show not to be missed!


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