Obscure Couture present Fake Believe

Obscure Couture is the kind of label that seems to tab in to your subconscious and deliver exactly what you didn’t know you wanted. High fantasy, frothy, uber-fem deliciousness characterises their latest RTW collection ‘Fake Believe.’  Fringe, frills and fantasy dominate this fairy tale inspired collection seeing the Obscurites teaming with local artist Snookie Mono and hair Queen Hair for Heroes to deliver a super girly, fun and light hearted collection. Large tulle skirts, pastel and rainbow bright paneled leggings and splattered slogan t-shirts (‘I Flew Here on My Unicorn’ is a firm favourite) dominate this collection which is big on fun and wear-ability without sacrificing style. Snookie’s illustrations are gorgeous and fit perfectly with Obscure Couture’s off-kilter fantasy vibe. It feels like a complete face heel turn after the darkly decadent “Lithium Party” instead going for a softer and lighter approach for their latest collection. Naturally I’m all in about it.

The Xanthro silver biker jacket with rainbow fringing (£190) is a stand out and I’m DYING for one of the tutus.  With each collection Obscure Couture continue to show me why they are one of the most exciting young brands working within Scotland, and have made me even more excited about the launch of their latest couture line at Nightwalk. Now where did I park my unicorn?


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