Jane Gowans Serves Nautical Deliciousness

Dundee based jeweller and Drapers award finalist Jane Gowans is a bit of a favourite around here, and when her new collection ‘Captain’ dropped in to my inbox a few months ago it’s safe to say my expectation were high. Sky rocket high. Gowans does not disapoint.

Truthfully when I first heard the designs were nautical inspired I was a bit apprehensive. Nautical is a straight out classic trend that never really goes away and I was curious to see how Gowans would adapt this trend with her signature style without feeling cliched. I didn’t have to worry though as she tackles it with her usual finesse creating a 10 piece collection that feels both modern and timeless. All the nods to the nautical trend are here with beautifully woven rope, knots and compass points making their way throughout the collection. It still feels pretty fresh and they have this really delicate elegance about them which you can bet your bottom dollar I am all up in.

‘Captain’ is inspired by a picture Gowan’s found of her Grandfather in his naval uniform and this collection does feel very personal and has a more classical feel to it’s designs. Here more than ever do I feel her work transcends generations (as in I can picture me, my wee mammy and my wee grandmum would happily wear any of the pieces from this collection) which is no mean feat. The designs come in both polished gold vermeil and silver (but why do silver when you can have gold daaaahling) and I find it hard to find a piece I don’t like. The easy favorite however for me is the Liberty Bracelet (clocking in at £186 if you want it in gold, just so you know.) It’s simple, unusual and I want it on my arm as of yesterday.

Gowan’s designs can be built up and wear several pieces at once but really I think these guys pretty much stand alone perfectly on their own.  It’s a very restrained and personal effort from Gowan’s and it really pays off.  The designs feel more mature and yes commercial (though the two don’t necesarily go hand in hand) and as a result she has a very beautiful collection that won’t age.

If you’re looking to invest in jewellery by a talented up and coming jeweler you could do far worse than Gowans. As her talents as a jeweler continue to evolve she continues to surprise and delight me with her wearable contemporary designs. 

Jane Gowan’s ‘Captain’ collection is available now from her online shop for all your purchasing needs.


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