Saunt and Sinner present The Broken Doll

Haunting doesn’t even begin to describe the first outing in to fashion film for Scottish design duo Saunt & Sinner. Directed by Jamie Vincent Gillespie “The Broken Doll” is an ethereal short piece shot against a woodland backdrop in the highlands. The collection, heavily influenced by local artist Heather Nevay, is an exploration in lost innocent and presents a fractured fairytale element that is prevalent in the film.  The music is brilliant – dark and discordant the music has a childlike melancholy that works perfect here.

I’m a big fan of Saunt and Sinner (previously featuring them at my Designer Spotlight series here) and continue to be impressed the consistency of high quality work they produce. They have a strong brand identity that is always present at any of their events and carries through to their designs. At the launch of their film I had the chance to see some of their pieces in a flash fashion show and I am in love. Strong silhouettes, gorgeous prints and wearable. GET YOUR LOOKBOOK OUT SO I CAN FAWN ALREADY.

You can view the film online already, but I thoroughly recommend keeping an eye on the girls twitter and facebook for any upcoming events. Always an utter delight.

S&S // The Broken Doll Collection from JAMIEV_ on Vimeo.

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