It’s all about the base

 I’ve been on the search for my OTF (One True Foundation) for the longest time. I don’t think I ask for much. A medium to full coverage that blends easily, doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and is a stellar colour match. All seems pretty simple right?
While I’ve came close in the past I still haven’t found a foundation that I’m pretty much ready to use for the rest of my days so when I was asked if I fancied coming to try out bareMinerals new Ready foundation I thought it was worth a shot.

bareMinerals has been on my radar for a while, though always a brand I’ve avoided. I’ve tried powder foundations in the past (with mixed results) and truth be told I’m a slave to a liquid foundation. However I’ve heard way to many good things about bareMinerals and my skin was in dire need of some TLC so thought it would be worth a saunter in.

When I first came to the store I noticed how big it was. Very light and airy with lots of little spaces dotted around the room encouraging people to play with the make up and experiment with different looks. I was greeted by Rebecca (who has to be the nicest person ever, I don’t think I have enough good things to say about her) who was to guide me through my “Make-Under.”

It all sounds very Snog, Marry, Avoid – and I guess there is an element of that with bareMinerals having a focus on natural beauty. It’s all about having products that are super good for your skin and is designed for the “No Make Up Look.” I’m not going to lie I was pretty skeptical at first. How was this wee powder going to cover my (admittedly) horrendous skin at the moment? By some miracle it did however. Using only the tiniest of the powder, Rebecca applied the new Ready foundation in R130 (it’s one of the pale shades) to half my face. Holding up a mirror I didn’t expect to see as much difference. I didn’t feel like I was wearing anything, but there it was, bold as brass. My skin looked fresher, less ran and dare I say it – glowy? The foundation turns to a cream when it hits the skin, working with your natural oils. For any persistent little blemishes and redness it was easy enough to build up (doubling as a concealer) and blending evenly across the face.

The new foundation moves away from bareMinerals more traditional method of applying foundation (the now infamous swirl,tap,buff method) and has been designed for the girl on the go. It applies quickly and evenly and has the added bonus of having an SPF20 (a must for every foundation.) I scored myself a wee sample to try for a few days and it’s quickly replaced my day to day foundation.

I’ve been told for the longest time that I’d love bareMinersals and that once I tried it I’d never go back. I’d like to try it for a while longer and see if  how my skin changes with use – but they may just have a convert yet.


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