OOTD One Month One Dress Day 17

 Dress – New Look, Hat – Urban Outfitters, Shoes – TK Maxx, Socks – Primark, T-shirt – Primark Menswear, Elvis Broach – Tatty Bon, Blinger Broach – Bonnie Bling, Jacket – Tatty Bon

That’s me back from my weekend in Greenock and as expected I spent most of my time in my jammies, eating and crying at all the films. Nice wee getaway even if it is only a half hour train ride away. Today will be spent sorting out the house. I’ve been working on putting some pictures up (slow realisation that at some point I’m going to have to go to ikea) and making my flat more home shaped. Hoping to maybe nip to some films at the GFT tonight as well.

Anyway this morning I woke up to 3 missed calls from my sister and a frantic text of “CALL ME ASAP!” Naturally my mind went in to over drive. Someone is in hospital, there’s been a fire, she’s fallen down in the shower and I am the only one who can help her etc etc. Point being I was worried sick.

Give her a call and she’s all like. “So uh – yeah we’re going to Rocky Horror Picture Show. Just bought you a ticket.” WHAT EVEN? I think I may have the best sister in the world. She was just all like “Don’t sweat it, just get to Edinburgh, gussy yourself up, mon, it’ll be funny.” I may have to try get her to make a stop off in Glasgow so we can dress up. Last time I did Rocky Horror was to see my besties Dad as Dr Scott (don’t think I’ll ever forget George Mckee in suspenders in a hurry) and we dressed up as Brad and a gothy Magenta. We invited some strong stares wondering about Irvine – me with jet black brows and slicked back hair and Soph in her boxers. Fine times. Needless to say I’m pretty excited.

Oh and by the by – I’m less that £25 from reaching my £500 target. JUST SAYING. You can donate by texting BEEW88 £X to 70070 or visiting www.justgiving.com/beewaits. Mon, it will be dead good.

If you’re seeing any of the fashion strand films this week at GFF (which you should #shamelessplug) look out for my introducing them. Will be hosting a Q&A with Marie Schuller from SHOWstudio on Friday night who will be there to answer all your questions about fashion film in new media. You can tweet questions using #showstudiogff or even better come along and ask them live.


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