One Month One Dress Day 4 – plus 20 Things About Me

  Sheer Green Shirt – Old Primark Number – £8, Belt –  Topshop (from another dress), Dress –  New Look – £12.99, Boots – Primark – £15,  Nail Bracelet – eBay – Christmas Gift

So we’re on to day 4 and I’ve been creeping about doing all sorts today. I’ve tried my hand at putting up pictures (with hilarious results), eased myself back in to the gym (with hilarious results) and listened to A LOT of Beyonce (thanks Superbowl.) I am now not allowed near hammers and to see me try a pike jump it truly a sight to behold. Anyway my outfit needed to get me through all sorts today and all the weather as well at fit easily in to my gym bag so this guy did the trick.

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This “X Things About Me” seems to be doing the rounds so thought I’d take the opportunity to hop on this bandwagon and give you a brief insight in to my so called life.

20 Things About Me

1: I’m a big old Tom Waits fan. I spent over £100 to see him in
Edinburgh about 5 years ago (I regret nothing.) He’s also the namesake
for the blog (coupled with my old nickname.) And now you know.

2: I can snowboard but can’t skateboard. I did try to teach myself once by
jumping on to a moving board. Instead I fell, ripped the tendons in one
of my arms and couldn’t move it properly for what seems like forever.

3: I was in Rainbows, Brownies and Guides. Still got all my badges ‘yo.

4: When I was a young ‘un me and my friend and our little sisters created a pop band called The Poppets (later D.W.A aka Divas With Attitude.) We mostly did covers – think Atomic Kitten, Destiny’s Child but I did try my hand at writing. My magnum opus was “Crazy 4 U.” We had a music video. Pretty sure we also wrote A LOT of angry emails to a magazine after they ran a band make over competition and then never featured any one. We pretty much felt robbed.

5: I only really have one soft toy from my days of yore. A small stuffed Tiger. My Uncle won him from a radio station. The toy is pretty much the same age as me. He lives beside my sofa.

6: When I was a youngling my Dad used to write me stories. My favourite one was one where one of Santa’s elf spilled magic dust on one of my pictures (of a blobby monster) and the blobby monster came to life. Mischief ensued. He spilled cornflakes over my Dad’s tie. The rest of the details are a little hazy.

7: For years I’ve had issues with food (part of a wider scope of anxiety
and depression) and I don’t feel like I will ever fully have a healthy
relationship with food. I made myself very ill when I was younger and my
body didn’t fully recover till I was in my very early 20s. A few things
have contributed to me having a slightly healthier relationship with
food – my friends, exercise, finding a career path I love.

8: The first time I went to London was with the Brownies. I nearly got hit by a taxi there after darting in to the road for my Yogi Bear Burger King compass. Girls got to have priorities.

9: I’m a feminist. I pretty much think anyone who believes in being judged for our abilities as people and not our gender should be one. I also think everyone should read Jessica Valenti’s “Full Frontal Feminism.” A great intro and should blow any negative preconceptions you have about it out of the water.

10: I had every single issue of Wally’s World – Where’s Wally kids geographical magazine. I was a pretty hip and happening kid.

11: I also had a brief affair with Wicca. I was about 13 and was all about crystals, healing energy and tarot cards. It lasted about – oh 6 months? I found an old letter I wrote to my future self when my Dad was moving house. I described myself with no hint of irony as a “witch.” While I’d still say there is still a witchy vibe about me, when it comes to religion et al I’m a dyed in the wool atheist.

12: I have two scars. One on my leg from slashing myself open on my bike and the other on my right hand. I tripped and split my finger open on my step. I put my hand to my head, though I’d cracked open my head and FREAKED OUT. We went to the Doctor’s and they cleaned up my head being like “What?” I asked if my head was fine, where did all the blood come from? One look at the blood stained towel in my right hand and we pretty much knew what had went on. I got my own room in the hospital as one of the kids I has been playing with had chickenpox.

13: I never really win anything – but I did win a complete set of Zodiac books from enter a text to win in Shout magazine when I was 13. It was pretty cool.

14: Despite yesterday’s jumper, I don’t “heart” New York. In fact I’ve
never been. I was meant to go with the school when I was 16, but after a
wee something something they decided not to let me go. My sister went a
couple of years later and brought me back ALL the New York goodies
(including an XXL T which she insisted was to accommodate my boobs. I
was a D cup at the time. Thanks sis.) I would still really love to go.

The something something that happened was I left home. It’s not
something I really like to talk about but I had a few couple of very
difficult years following moving out (mostly to do with my education
more than anything else.) That said I don’t regret it. I have a better
relationship with my parents now than I could have ever hoped for back
then and it finally contributed to be acknowledging and dealing with my anxiety. Where I am right now – I couldn’t be happier.

16: I once had a BBQ inside my first house. I set off the carbon monoxide alarm and was convinced I was going to die in my sleep. I was not big on the great ideas.

17: I won a Scottish Event Award in 2010 for In The Company of Wolves with a commendation in 2011. Ally and I nearly missed our name being called as we were outside smoking clove cigarettes. We like to keep it classy.

18: I’ve worked with Glasgow Film Festival for 3 years and it has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things I’ve ever done. I’d originally applied for a marketing internship through Uni though the GFF producer found my CV and asked if I’d be interested in coming and working with her to do events instead. The rest as they say is history. I would recommend that if you have a chance to definitely volunteer to work with GFF.

19:  Despite being all up in the tattoos – until very recently I was terrible with needles (a bad experience with someone trying and failing to draw some blood.) I got over it this year by donating blood for the first time. I can’t wait to do it again.

20: I sleep with my legs up in the air. Paul hates this as it creates a draft and will often have to push them down.


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